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A company overview can be a great homepage introduction on your website, a great ice breaker during a presentation and it can showcase the personality of the organisation and the people within it.


As a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, you can really say so much, without saying very much at all.

Whatever you’d like your company overview to do for and say about your business, we can make a visually stunning, compelling production to meet those needs.






A company overview can show the world what makes your organisation so special, what makes you unique, what makes you different from the competition and most importantly, why they should be banging down your door to do business with you.


People who watch a video of a product or service are 85% more likely to make a purchase.


The videos don’t need to be long to be powerful, focusing on the key elements, demonstrating the unique selling points, highlighting key features and showing how the product or service will benefit the viewer are just some of the extremely powerful messages we can convey through video.



There’s no excuse to have a poorly produced, unimaginative corporate film.

MGV provide cost effective end to end production  of corporate films  giving them the same detailed production and post production attention to create commercial quality full HD corporate films on an affordable budget.


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When BaxterStorey chose to hold their first Barista Championships they chose to collaborate with MGV Productions to not only help capture the event but produce an engaging film that explains why they are so passionate about coffee.

This two day shot consisted of stylised sat down interviews and fast paced documentary style filming of the event.